SideWalk Chalk


SideWalk Chalk presents…

                    “Birds of a Feather”

SideWalk Chalk is an amazing and talented local act which, has released there last album in 2012, Corner Store. Check Out there latest Video Birds of a Feather.” This song is full of motivation with a very chill and smooth vibe.

They recently had been nominated for two Chicago Music Awards, “Best New Entertainer” and also “Most Outstanding Band/Group.” SideWalk Chalk is filled with different styles including emcees to singers  to even trombones. Quoting from there bio “This emcee, singer, trio of keys, bass, and drums, horn section of trumpet and trombone, and tap-dancer are the evolution of Hip-Hop, Soul and Jazz superbly packaged into sounds that you’ve quite possibly never heard before.” They are a really talented music group which has already from themselves worthy of a listen.

Check Out “Birds of a Feather” from there album Corner Store


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