Toki Wright

 Toki Wright Presents…

“No Gimmicks”

Coming straight out of Minneapolis, Toki Wright is an indestructible beast on the mic. If you have not heard of his Rhymesayers Album you are definitely snoozing on real hip-hop. Check out his latest video “No Gimmicks” coming straight from his fourth mix-tape Faders. Not only is this a dope track but the visuals on this track fits the picture and is all out to dope to describe in words.


Toki Wright is from an independent hip hop record label from Minnesota called RhymeSayers Entertainment. Other recognizable artists from the group include Jake One, Freeway, Evidence, and MF Doom who have all released one album, Mm..Food for the Label. His new track “No Gimmicks,” in better words to describe it is some classic raw hip-hop at its finest. Not only is he making moves but make sure to check out his next mix-tape Faders. 

Check out “No Gimmicks” from his mix-tape Faders


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