1. What’s your government name? And how old are you? Give the people a little background about you, who you are, where you from etc…

My real name is Marquann Bowie, I’m 17 years old and turning 18 on the 30th of this month. I’m from one of the most unknown cities ever, so naturally I’ve been an underdog in not only music, but in life. I was always an outcast and I believe that I’ll forever be there, but with music I can show the doubters that there was always so much more to me. Raised by my soulful aunt and uncle, I’ve always been inclined to do music..

2. What is the meaning behind your rap name?/Where did it come from and why did you choose it?

Graphik came from how I started off as purely a story teller in music. A poet, if you will. I wanted to be vivid. Detailed. Not Graphic as in gore, but Graphik as in art. That’s how I view that. Graphinity, my alias, is the combination of Graphik + Infinity.. Simply because that’s the era of what I choose. The era of forever. I want my art to shine forever.

3. How long you been in the game for?

Was always writing. Always rapping. I recorded my first song at 13 and started putting them out to the masses around 14.

4. How did you get into the game?

Music was also my only outlet for the demons I used to struggle with.. Still do struggle with, even..What made me take this seriously and move with it as a career was because I had something to prove. To the doubters and to myself. And also to the kids that share the same struggles..

5. So why do you rap? Is it like a hobby or a career move?

A career. I never considered it a hobby because it was always something I seriously enjoyed and something I felt was too sacred to just be a night time thing.

6. Who inspires you/Who is your favorite rapper?

Timeless artists.. Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell. Artists I feel were actually ART..

7. What are you trying to bring to the game?

A difference. A difference in the lack of conceptual pieces. A difference in the lack of originality. A difference in the lack of carefree-ness. A difference in a lot, but time will tell if I can show the world and bring what I hope to bring. Not only to music, but to myself. A different Marquann Bowie. A different Graphik.

8. What’s your favorite song or project you ever came out with?

So far, The Graphinity EP. Just shows what I represent. My style of music. All that in one short EP. I love it.

9. You got any projects coming out in the near future? If so, what are they?

“Turn Off Your Television” project. Duo mixtape with fellow Chaotic Music Group leader, Chaotic (the leader). Drops on the 1st of February. The single “Like A Star” is out now.

And finally where can the people find you at, online?






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