1. What’s your government name? And how old are you? Give the people a little background about you, who you are, where you from etc…

My name is Jimmy Roberts, and I am 22 years old. I’m a hip hop musician from Fort Lauderdale, FL. I was born 3 months early, and as a result, I was diagnosed with with Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy is a condition that affects my fine motor function, and has kept me confined to a wheelchair my whole life.

2. What is the meaning behind your rap name?/Where did it come from and why did you choose it?

As for my rap name, that came about in high school. I didn’t have a real name yet, but as a joke, I started signing the name “Jim-E” at the top of all of my assignments. It wasn’t long before that history teacher asked me what the E stood for. I thought about it, and said “Ethicz”. Ethicz to me is about knowing right from wrong, having morals, and the backbone to stand for what you believe in. That’s the type of person I strive to be, and the attitude I want to promote with my music.

3. So why do you rap? Is it like a hobby or a career move?

Growing up, I was one of those kids, who had something to say, but no one to listen. It wasn’t until I decided to start making music that people began to truly hear me. I was still this shy kid on the inside, but on the outside, I was something different. When I made that transition from being your average invisible teenager, to bodying kids in battles during lunch period, I knew that rapping wasn’t simply something I had done throughout my life for fun. Somewhere in that time, I decided I was going to get serious with it.

I guess you could say I rap, because it gives me the power to express myself, and reach out to others. I’m in a place where I can inspire hope for people like myself, and be inspired by them all the same. It’s a really dope position to be in. I’m not limited by a city or state. The message that I’m spreading is becoming more global by the day, and I hope that one of these days I can look back and be able to say that doing what I do, gave others the strength to be comfortable in their own skin. Not unlike my favorite artists, of Rhymesayers fame, Slug and Brother Ali.

4. You got any projects coming out in the near future? If so, what are they?

As of right now, I do have a few concepts in mind for a future project, and I will be actively working on new material for it. I can tell you, that my latest single “Shine Through” which will be included in the yet-to-be-named album, and is probably my favorite song I’ve ever recorded.

And finally where can the people find you at online?






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