Marcus Black

1. What’s your government name? And how old are you? Give the people a little background about you, who you are, where you from etc…

I was born Marcus Vaughn and I’m 23 years old. I’ve been rapping for about 9 years now. I’m just a regular dude for the most part. I’ve always loved music since I was a child. I honestly don’t even remember why I started rapping but ever since the day I wrote my first rhyme I’ve taken it seriously. I’m from Manchester, NH which is mostly a bunch of middle class white people. But, when I was coming up I was surrounded by drugs and felons. Every city has a hood I guess.

2. What is the meaning behind your rap name? Where did it come from and why did you choose it?

Honestly, it’s the most uncreative shit but I chose the name MarcusBLACK because my name is Marcus and I’m Black. That’s pretty much all there is to it. Later on I would put the two words together to form one word and make the second half all uppercase letters. I did that just to make it stand out. I also came up with an acronym for the word BLACK which is “Breed Love and Collect Knowledge.”

3. How long you been in the game for?

Since I was 14 so about 9 years now.

4. How did you get into the game?

By taking it seriously from the gate. I always thought I that I could potentially be the best rapper to ever live. I still feel that way.

5. So why do you rap? Is it like a hobby or a career move?

I don’t know why I started but I’m doing my best to make a career out of it. I rap, produce, engineer, do video editing and graphic design. I have written numerous pop songs and have ghostwritten for a few artist as well.

6. Who inspires you/Who is your favorite rapper?

My inspiration is just to see young black men being able to support their families by making music that people love. My favorite rapper is probably the most cliche answer ever but it’s Jay Z.

7. What are you trying to bring to the game?

Passion, soul, self respect, and free thinking.

8. What’s your favorite song or project you ever came out with?

My favorite song is probably YDB Pt. 2 but my favorite project besides the one that I’m currently working on has to be Lost But Not Least.

9. You got any projects coming out in the near future? If so, what are they?

I’m actually working on starting up an independent label called “NasaGang Records.” I already have 8 other artists under the brand and I’m working on a mixtape called “Flawsome” which should be dropping in mid to late February.

And finally where can the people find you at, online?





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