1. What’s your government name? And how old are you? Give the people a little background about you, who you are, where you from etc…

David Mazzola. 26 years old. “The evolution of art woven into music” P.ost S.cript a man originally tied to the world of street art and spoken word poetry is now synonymously linked to the outlandish world of underground hip hop. Growing up in a household where rap was deeply frowned upon he found his way to the music by means of mixtapes put together by his brother which were snuck readily into the house and picked apart meticulously by him at an early adolescent age. He found himself obsessed with the rhythmic stanzas , sylabble placement, rhyme patterns and wordplay. Breakdancing was his first bout with hip hop culture. Never truly seeing himself as a rap artist the extent of his lyrical prowess was found in the midst of freestyle battles and cipher circles in his high school hallways. Although he always kept his composition book close by his words formed complex poetry speaking to emotional pains and social issues that seemed out of grasp for a child his age. Eventually Finding a home in the spoken word circuit he battled his way up the ranks to make a notable name for himself in the performing poets arena. While also spreading political and socially conscious messages by way of his stencil graffiti. All of these elements came together to form a unique sound of hip hop thats been described as a cross between common sense illogic and evidence all while possesing a sound that is hard to put your finger on. He makes sure to acknowledge his musical influences that are as far reaching as aesop rock, death cab for cutie, raphael saadiq, and taking back sunday amongst many more. He boasts he makes music for the starving artists and it is evident he is a true lover of the arts and aims to inspire individuality wherever the opportunity resides

2. What is the meaning behind your rap name?/Where did it come from and why did you choose it?

P.ost S.cript is a tribute to all the little things we forget to initially say but turn out to be the most important. Being a lover of writing i fell into my handle naturally stumbling across the word and immediately feeling it held its place with me.

3.  How long have you been in the game for/How did you get into the game?

I’ve been rapping seriously for 7 years or so, my poetry naturally developed into music wasn’t really ever planned just happened.

4. So why do you rap? Is it like a hobby or a career move?

I rap because i feel i hold the voice of a generation that is often overlooked by the shimmer, bright lights, and distractions. A generation that puts more weight in Hemingway then Snookie. A generation of misfits who refuse to accept what society deems they should. As far as rap being a hobby…never my art is my lifestyle it is and defines me. It is all that i am and i will always be an artist to one form or another. But at the same time i hold no illusions i know that it isn’t very feasible in my lane of hip hop to expect an extravagant lifestyle so i work my day job in the operating room 9-5 and grind 5-9 its the way of things for me right now.

5.  Who inspires you/Who is your favorite rapper?

I’m inspired by my children, my family, love, pain, passion the list is never-ending. My all time favorite is early common, and black thought.

6. What are you trying to bring to the game?

I’m trying to bring light and knowledge to the game. Teach through my pains, to show my people they are not alone and hope to give those who need something to journey away into to escape the bullshit…that was what my favorite emcees and bands always did for me and that was what was most important.

7.  What’s your favorite song or project you ever came out with?

My favorite song is “Cause and Effect” on my debut album “People” out now.

8. You got any projects coming out in the near future? If so, what are they?

I got a couple of free EP’s coming out. Most notable a joint venture with my main producer Hurizen so Stay tuned.

And finally where can the people find you at online?






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