1. What’s your government name? And how old are you? Give the people a little background about you, who you are, where you from etc…

My Government Name Is Christopher Gibson Cooper I’m 20 Year’s old From Brockville Ontario, Canada. I’ve Been ”rapping” for about a year, always loved hip hop as a kid, and when i like something to a certain extent I have to recreate it in my own image, weather its skateboarding, drawing, or making music I realized you can’t care what people think, their going to judge you in the end so just do you’re thing.

2. What is the meaning behind you’re rap name? 

This is real corny but, every time I went to try and read a novel/chapter book I gave up half way through or at some point.  the first book i fully red through was a book called ”something drastic” weather I understood it or not, I felt good, and i liked that feeling. something about the name caught my eye as well, then when I started ”rapping” i wanted to delay a drastic message and at first I was going to name my self  just ”drastic” but then i thought of that book and i knew it fit perfectly.

3. How long you been in the game for? 

Just under a year

4. How did you get in the game?

They gave me the key to get in

5. So why do you rap? Is it like a hobby or a career move?

I Rap cause I enjoy it , makes me feel free

6. Who Inspires you?/Who is you’re Favorite Rapper?

Some rappers I’m really into right now: Loaded Luxx, Joe Budden, eKZ and I been recently vibin some Andre 3k from Outkast

7. What are you trying to bring to the game?

Just tryna be my self, take what I go through, see in life and put it into my music, I don’t wanna talk jus to speak you know?

8. What’s your favorite song or project you ever came out with? 

My favorite song that i have out of mine is probably ”mental security” you can listen to it on my YouTube channel or at coast2coast mixtapes.

9. You got any projects coming out in the near future? if so, what are they?

I got a mixtape that is called ”Saving Daylight” that should be dropping late December or early January been workin hard on that lately and after the mixtape is out i wanna drop an album called ”Eiffel Down” (I fell down) I have big plans for that album.

And finally where can the people find you at online?






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