DikTionary – “Grave Yard Shift” Review

The first thing that caught me from this song was the beat, now that’s a plus, even if your quality isn’t up to par, if the beat is catchy you selling on one front. The quality sounds that of a computer recording, yes it’s clear, but it doesn’t sound mixed at all, you can clearly tell the vocals and the beat on two separate spectrum which kills the vibe of the song even if it’s dope. His lyrics remind me that of Lil Wayne, I can seriously picture a young weezy spitting some shit like this, seem very influenced by him. The lyrics are pretty stereotypical not going to lie, they are kind of mediocre but his delivery which is a little slurred at times and his flow makes up for them. With a name like DikTionary I’d think he’d be using bigger words, but then again, his name is spelled DikTionary(better get a dictionary for that fella lol!) so it’s understandable why his lyrics aren’t jaw dropping. The hook is nice and catchy, but again, if you use a computer to record, then add telephone line for a hook it will NOT sound good at all. The song has a ton of potential though, and so does he as an artist. The beat along with his flow and delivery was good enough for me to listen to the whole song from beginning to end, even though the quality wasn’t that great, which if it was, this song would most defiantly be a BANGER! To take everything into consideration and rate this justly, his quality drops it a ton, but his flow and delivery pushes it up a bit, I give this a solid 2 monkey heads. Keep grinding homie, you have hella potential! can’t wait to see you and your lyrics improve! keep up the good work bruh! get a job, maybe even a GraveYard Shift, lol, get your money up and IMPROVE THE QUALITY! 





Don’t like the review? You want to add your opinion of the song? Take a listen to it and leave a comment below! We would love to see what YOU think of the song. Any comment that’s constructive and helps improve our fellow artists is very much appreciated! 


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