Fisher Kay


Okay, this song was garbage. The lyrics are whack, the guy has NO flow, and  the song doesn’t even sound mixed well at all. The vocals are sloppily laying on top of the beat, the hook is good but he just destroys it with his unenthusiastic delivery and horrid transitions from verse to hook. The whole song sounds forced, it’s like he’s reading it straight off the pad he wrote it from without having any feeling or passion in it at all. I seriously am upset at the dude for sending us this song to review, it’s really not a good representation of his style or who he is at all. I’ve listened to his other songs like “Lame” which again have all of the above, but the lyrics to that song have meaning and depth which lacks in this. If he kept rapping like he did in “lame” his monotone voice and boringness would be justified, however he still has a ton to improve on. Fix the flow, delivery, lyrics, pretty much do a 180 buddy, cause you sound “Lame” as fuck… maybe that’s why your group name or whatever is that…. shit… 


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