Tony Famous – “Go” (Review)


Honestly this being our first review, I WANT TO TEAR SHIT UP! LOL! but I really don’t have anything bad to say. From the start, the song grabbed me, that’s a GREAT sign especially if your goal is to make a party record. The beat is FIRE, his flow is on point, delivery is clear, the hook is catchy, quality is amazing, the only thing I wish is if he expressed more passion in his hook, The song’s lyrics are stereotypical of that of every club type song, but that’s just it, it’s a club song, so I can’t knock him for that. His words overlap towards the end of the song but it’s not that noticeable. Overall it’s a solid ass party track, if he only expressed a little bit more passion, and added some loud and screaming adlibs that of DMX(WHAAAAAAAT!) lol, it’d be a straight banger, but as of right now it still doesn’t disappoint  I give it 4/5 monkeys! shit’s dope, can’t hate.



Don’t like the review? You want to add your opinion of the song? Take a listen to it and leave a comment below! We would love to see what YOU think of the song. Any comment that’s constructive and helps improve our fellow artists is very much appreciated! 


3 responses to “Tony Famous – “Go” (Review)

  1. I like the melody of this song and that’s about it.. As for the lyrics, they are generic and unoriginal, hard to understand to begin with. Goes too fast! Sounds poorly produced as well. I give this song 1 1/2 monkeys.

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